Optimal Sustainable energy solutions to commercial and Industrial establishments needs right techno-commercial analysis supported with customized System configuration and effective Implementation to realise dependable benefits over the years SunEnergy Team provides End-to-End Support in realising the Green energy Projects

System Integration Projects

‘SunEnergy’ brings in necessary capability and Expertise to provide commercially viable Total Energy Optimization Solutions to commercial establishments

The Team works with Clients on the following

  • Pre project study and Energy utilization information gathering
  • Techno-commercial analysis and suggestions for implementation of optimal size and technology for Generation, Optimization and Management of Energy systems and solutions
  • Define and manage Installation and commissioning of suggested Energy Products and Systems
  • Provide sustained monitoring and maintenance support to energy system installations

SunEnergy Team offers range of services for solar Roof top system installations

1. Preproject System study and application configuration:
Solar Photovoltaic systems are an emerging technology. Solar power systems can be most optimal for a particular end usage / application depending on many factors like Energy Usage pattern & type of electrical loads, Present cost of energy, Extent of availability of conventional energy, etc., apart from understanding the Geographical location and practical aspects of the building. ‘SunEnergy‘ having experience of more than 25 installations has the understanding of practicality and utility aspects of solar power system and can configure the right size, technology and configuration to enable the system work in tandem with other conventional or sustainable sources of energy and equipments

2. Coordinating for Capital Subsidy and Financing Investment:
Promotional schemes by MNRE make Solar power system attractive for both commercial establishments and non-profit organizations. To enable qualify the system for subsidies and financing, the system configuration and components should adhere to defined standards and parameters. ‘SunEnergy‘ ensures that the system design and configuration is as per related guidelines and formats. The team will represent the project on behalf of clients towards qualifying the project for subsidy and Bank financing.

3. System Engineering including Technical, Procurement and Installation documentation:
A ‘Quality & Dependable’ installation is possible by bringing refinement in Engineering and ensuring selection of appropriate quality system components. A Solar power system which is expected to operated reliably for 25 years needs the other related system components be designed appropriately and procured from proven sources. ‘SunEnergy‘ has the necessary Domain knowledge, inherited experience and understanding of generating quality engineering documentation. ‘SunEnergy‘ can support any Energy Project implementer / System integrator by providing ‘End-to-End’ project- specific engineering documentation to enable front end and execute the Project installation for their clients.
4. ‘Balance of System’ Installation and System commissioning:
Building and Retaining Engineering Talent having Domain knowledge and Engineering capabilities is a challenge to most larger organization, who are working or intent to work in solar energy space. ‘SunEnergy‘ team can provide the Engineering and Installation service by managing the ‘Balance of system’ and configuring the system with suggested Solar panel and Inverter makes, as per the requirement of Client or key system component like Solar panel or Inverter manufacturer who is front ending the order ‘SunEnergy‘ team provides the Engineering & Procurement of ‘Balance of System’ components along with Installation and Commissioning of total system together with the suggested Solar panels or Inverter.

5. End-to-End ‘EPC’ execution:
A small and capable team can provide swift and responsive installation.. ‘SunEnergy‘ having executed some of the challenging and landmark installation in the country, has the experience and capability to provide efficient ‘EPC’ services by coordinating with competent associates to ensure deliver promised performance